FBM x Endpoint Hunter Gatherer Pre-Order


This is a Pre-Order deposit of $600. Remaining balance of $599 is due at shipment.

Expect 8-12 weeks for delivery.

Our buddy Steve Crandall once rode to Philly on a clapped out Nishiki mountain bike and it was almost the coolest shit ever. During that ride Steve dreamt of a different bike—a bike that would work way better than his old MTB and turn the ride into something way more rad. We worked with Steve and the FBM Bike Co. to develop the bike from that dream. This is the Hunter Gatherer.

Our second production model is designed with more utility and long range loaded riding in mind. The Hunter Gatherer steel frame is designed for efficiency and comfort over the long haul and the geometry puts the rider in a more relaxed position that translates to comfort and control while cruising through multi-day adventures.

Shorter 435 chainstays maintain responsiveness while still providing clearance for 27.5x2.25 tires. The frame utilizes 12x142 thru-axle standard for the rear wheel, and the option of 15x100 thru-axle or quick release fork. The low trail fork is perfect for loaded riding without compromising control or confidence in handling.

Tube spec:

28.6 x .8/.5/.8 True Temper Verus HT top tube.

31.8 x .8/.5/.8 True Temper Verus HT down tube.

28.6 True Temper OX seat tube.

4130 cromo rear triangle.

The Hunter Gatherer has rear triangle and fork mounts for fenders and racks and is equipped with three bottle cages mounted low to free up enough space for a frame bag.

The Hunter Gatherer is designed by Ride Endpoint and hand-built in Ithaca, NY by the fine folks at FBM Machine Shop.

This is a Pre-Order deposit of $600. Remaining balance of $599 is due at shipment. Expect 8-12 weeks for delivery.

For questions about frame, fork, or custom build options, please Contact Us.

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Hunter Gatherer Frame Geometry

A few words regarding frame geometry—It's important to take into account how a seat tube angle can change the effective top tube measurement. You can have two frames where with the exception of the seat angle, both frames are exactly the same, and the effective top tube will measure out differently. As the seat tube angle becomes more steep, the top tube measurement gets shorter even though the bars do not actually get closer in relationship to the bottom bracket of the frame.

Think about it this way—The bottom bracket and top of the head tube are the two fixed points on the frame that actually determine fit. The saddle moves up, down, back and forth to adjust for seat tube angle, and to get the rider properly placed over the pedals.

We chose to use a 73 degree seat tube angle across all frame sizes. What this means is when you are looking at geometry to select a size, you should be considering stack and reach and ignoring effective top tube length. Many bikes currently have steeper seat tube angles which will make the top tube feel longer than it actually is. For every 1/2 degree the seat tube increases, the effective top tube shortens by about 1/2 a centimeter.

Take a look at the geometry for the medium Hunter Gatherer. If we were to have steepened the seat tube angle to the 74 degrees of a medium Coffee Grinder, the effective top tube would have measured out to 54cm rather than 55cm even though the bike isn't actually getting any shorter. So look at effective top tube if you must but don't linger on it too long. If you have any questions about sizing don't hesitate to ask. We're happy to geek out on fit and geometry to make sure you get the right size frame.