What is the reason for this notice?

FBM and Endpoint have been contacted by owners of the Hunter Gatherer (HG) frame with 15mm thru-axle fork sold in early 2018. These owners have noted that the fork axle is not fully aligned, which makes the front wheel difficult to install. During production FBM checked the alignment of the HG forks using the Park Tool FFG-2 fork alignment tool.

After being contacted by owners of the HG 15mm thru-axle forks, FBM investigated the accuracy of its fork alignment procedure. We confirmed that using the process of the alignment tool alone did not yield accurate enough results. Additional quality assurance steps have since been added to our process to ensure correct alignment with the wheel and thru-axle. If your HG fork is not fully aligned, it should have its alignment corrected to make using the forks easier and to ensure there aren’t unforeseen problems in the future.

What will FBM do?

FBM will correct the fork alignment for free.

What should you do?

Please contact FBM to arrange for free shipping of your fork to FBM for alignment. Once FBM receives your fork, it will correct the alignment and ship it back out to you within one business day. Shipping both ways will be by UPS ground.

FBM Bike Company
Phone: 607-257-3480
Email: warranty@fbmbike.co

If you have additional questions, please contact FBM. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you,


FBM and Endpoint

Fork Axle Alignment Notice