Our Company & Our Appoach

We were established somewhere outdoors in Richmond, Virginia during the year 2013 A.D. We sell purpose-built products for finding the adventure in every day. We believe in things that are built to last—allowing for growth, ritual, and rite of passage.


Our bikes are designed with versatility in mind—first and foremost. Our bikes aren't designed to do one thing perfectly, but a lot of things very well.


We take a balanced approach to product design blending modern concepts with tried and true engineering. We build our frames to be simple and functional. This philosophy allows for greater parts compatibility and a more efficient production model that offers higher quality products while keeping costs down.


Our bikes are for exploring new places and experiences. To ride farther and maybe even faster.


Our design philoshopy is informed by racing. We design our bikes to feel fast and perform well. We don't believe in sacrificing speed for utility.